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Rust Stop RSi – Industrial Grade Electronic Rust Protection

  • • New 6 Channel System – Drives 18 anodes


    The new RSi has been upgraded from 4 to 6 channels, so what does this mean? Each channel is an isolated output with the capacity to drive 3 anodes meaning that it can now drive 18 anodes and also if there is a fault with one of the channels, only that channel will go into standby instead of the entire system ensuring that there is not a break in protection. This is a feature first implemented on the RustStop® RS-5 vehicle systems which have 2 channels, but it is even more important on the RSi due to the greater size of the equipment being protected. Acts as an electronic corrosion inhibitor and electronic rust inhibitor.

    • Protects up to 200m2 of Steel per system

    The increased number of anodes means more steel can be protected by each RSi system. Each anode can protect up to approximately 12m2 giving total protection to about 200m2 of steel per RSi system.

    RSi is a modular electronic rust protecto


    For applications which need protection of more than 200m2 of steel, then multiple RSi systems can be connected in series.

    • Anodes corrode and replaced after 2 years

    Rust that would have formed on the steel of the equipment is now transferred onto the anodes as corrosion.


    Rust needs free-electrons to form. The strong positive charge on the Anodes (Rust Magnets™) attract the negative free-electrons away from the structure and they now corrode rather than the steel.



    Any steel contains millions of free-electrons which are negatively charged and move around in the metal due to positive and negative charge differences caused mainly by impurities in the steel.



    These small charge differences (normally around 1 volt) act almost like a magnet, and so the negative free-electrons are attracted toward and accumulate at the positive points.


    When these free-electrons are exposed to oxygen and moisture, a reaction occurs and they are lost from the steel. This reaction is known as oxidation or RUST.

    RustStop® RSi outputs a positive charge onto the Anodes (Rust Magnets™), approximately 50 times greater than that between the impurity and iron atoms. The iron and impurity atoms are now effectively all negatively charged in relation to the strong positive charge on the Rust Magnets™ and so the free-electrons are attracted toward the Anodes (Rust Magnets™).

    HowRS5works-OFF_s1 (1)

    The Anodes (Rust Magnets™) now corrode rather than the steel structure.


  • Possible uses:


    Industrial roofs

    • Machinery

    • Air conditioning units

    • Towers

    • Piping

    • Marine equipment

    • Cranes

    • Stair cases

    • Tanks

    • Platforms

    • etc….

  • RSi-Photo-e1320633740787


    • Our own certified engineers developed RustStop® Electronic Rust Protection, have been perfecting it for over 20 years and are continually taking advantage of cutting edge technology to keep it superior to any other systems on the market;
    • RustStop® ERP successfully combines both Impressed Current and Sacrificial Anode technologies;
    • The Anodes (Rust Magnets™ or sacrificial anodes) give customers visual proof that the system is working;
    • Multiple Heavy Duty outputs
    • Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.
    • It helps protect inside and outside, which sprays cannot do;
    • We have Independent test results that show RustStop® inhibits approximately 76% of rust (i.e. increase life by over 400%);
    • RustStop® RSi even helps control formed rust from spreading;
    • Will compliment any other spray-on type rust proofing, increasing your protection;
    • Helps preserve your investment and maintain its value;
    • We use only high quality Electronic Components to ensure a reliable product;
    • The Electronic Components are contained in a high quality ABS approved enclosure, which can withstand very low temperatures as well as the very high temperatures;
    • RustStop® RSi has a detailed control panel with numerous indicator lights to indicate operation, fault and maintenance requirements;
    • It gives a visual indication that the unit is operational;
    • It gives a visual inspection indication;
    • Fitted with “overload cut-out” to prevent damage in the event of an output short-circuit;
    • Reverse polarity protection against incorrect connection;
    • Voltage Spike protection using Metal Oxide Varistors to protect the unit from damage against lightening and transient spikes;
    • Based on laws of physics and electronics;
    • Can be used to compliment RustStop® Rx200.


  • RSi – Industrial System (Six Channel)

    Input Voltage : 220/240 Volt AC
    Current Drawn under DRY Conditions : < 0.060A
    Current Drawn under WET Conditions : < 0.350A
    Current Drawn under Low Supply Voltage : < 0.006A
    Ground : (-) Negative (GREEN)
    Housing : High Grade ABS Plastic
    Weight Complete : Approx. 1,450 Kilograms
    Number of Channels : 6
    Max Anodes per Channel : 3 in Series
    Number of Anodes : 18
    Output Voltage : > +45 Volts
    Anode Wire : Not supplied*
    Approximate Coverage : 200m2


    Due to the weight of wiring and variation in what is required per installation, there is no anode wire charged for or supplied with the system. Normally 100m is more than sufficient, however more may be needed for larger structures. As a minimum, the following wire specifications should be used but higher quality wire can be used in very extreme conditions (e.g. silcone insulation, stainless steel conductor core).

    Minimum Wire Specifictaions:

    Multi Strand Panel Flex wire

    Size: 0.75mm square

    Voltage Rating 500V

    Nominal Current Rating 3A

    Strand No x Diameter: 14 x 0.21

    Temp.range – 10 to 80 degrees C

    Insulation: Flexible grade PVC

    Flexibility class 4&5

    Conductor type: High Conductivity annealed copper

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